By the beach...

In an idyllic location near Athens but away from the bustling atmosphere, Alopigia lies on a seductive sandy beach. The color mix of sun, sea, and sand paints a scenery of unparalleled beauty. The set is rounded out with the beautifully decorated interior space, combined with the quite comfortable wooden sunbeds and beanbags of the exterior space.       

Interior Space
Exclusive areas
Access for Disabled Persons
Changing Rooms

Why Alopigia...

There are numerous reasons you should put Alopigia at the top of your list. Some of them are shown below:

What You Get...

Our services are of superior quality, and we constantly work to keep it that way. Come and see for yourself. We will be more than happy to welcome you. 

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Alopigia – Anavyssos

Leoforos Athinon – Souniou, 19013 

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