Release your senses


“How to explain what sea means when someone sees only water.”

about us...

Based on the magnificent shore of Anavyssos, Alopigia is a place for fleeing from the city’s tense. Whether you want to party or relax with a fresh cocktail in hand, we are here for you. Our primary target is to make you feel like being in your dream seaside house. What we need from you is to relax and enjoy the vibe.

In our facilities, you will have the chance to live a holistic experience, including the ambient house music, the incredible interior and exterior design, the simplistic while delicious cuisine, and behind the scenes, the professional personnel. Come closer and see for yourself. Let us create for you a memory that will follow you for a long time…    

Our space

On our premises, you can relax on sunbeds, luxurious sofas, and beanbags and enjoy your day by tasting our delicious dishes freshly made by experienced chefs.

As the sun goes down, you will discover the sunset’s breathtaking view combined with the sea color. This is the right time to drink a cocktail and release your senses. 

Eat & Drink

There is a saying that “A good meal is a forerunner of love”, and in Alopigia we are stick with the traditions. 

Stay in Touch

Alopigia – Anavyssos

Leoforos Athinon – Souniou, 19013 

+30 694 8500981